Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Bethel Christian Academy’s Academic Advising Center provides families with important information to guide students through the college admissions process.

Jane Croom
Academic Advisor
252-522-4636 Ext 310

High school course units begin to count towards cumulative graduation credits in the 9th grade. A total of 26 credits must be gained in order to graduate. Graduating seniors must take the Iowa Achievement Test their senior year and attend the Baccalaureate and Graduation Ceremonies. They are mandatory for graduation.

BCA Graduation requirements include:  (*denotes courses required by NC Dept of Public Instruction)
4 credits of Bible (each year at BCA)
4 credits of English
4 credits of Math (Algebra I – required*)
4 credits of  Social Studies (US History 1 & 2 – required*)
3 credits of Science (Biology -required*)
2 credits of Foreign Language
1 credit of Health
1 credit of Physical Education
3 credits of Electives
26 total credits for Graduation   

An ESP (Exceptional Student Program) Diploma is available to some students who are approved by the Administration with parental agreement. Request this information from the office. The candidate for the ESP Diploma must be in ESP and have completed more than 20% of all high school courses in the program.

School CEEB Code: 342069

What is a CEEB Code? A CEEB code is a standardized ID number that is assigned to a high school, college, or university. CEEB codes are issued by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). These 4- to 6-digit codes are mostly used in college entrance exams, such as the SAT and ACT.


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