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Starting in kindergarten, students at Bethel Christian Academy come weekly to the computer lab to increase their computer knowledge. The Trajectory curriculum is comprised of four comprehensive units per year designed by technology coordinators with years of practical experience teaching K-6 computer literacy. Each unit is designed to encourage teachers to integrate current classroom studies as the academic focus. The curriculum spirals so students review and reinforce skills as they learn new ones from kindergarten through 6th grade. Trajectory is based on a technology scope and sequence that identifies over 350 learning objectives in 10 different technology areas including word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, graphic design, multimedia, and internet use. These literacy objectives establish the framework for a technology program that ensures continuity as students move from grade to grade. This curriculum is constantly maintained to ensure the integration of new technology. By the time students are in the 6th grade, they are confident in applying the basics of the Microsoft Office Suite.



Trajectory provides a curriculum that teaches computer skills to Kindergarten students utilizing MicrosoftÒWord & KidPix Deluxe 4 software.


Grades 1-6

Trajectory provides a curriculum that teaches computer skills to 1st through 6th grades utilizing the MicrosoftÒ Office Suite while integrating subject matter from the classroom or real-life situations into the computer projects. Although the projects become more complex each year, the technology objectives are repetitious, allowing students to build on their knowledge.


Grades 7-12

A Guide to MicrosoftÒ Office 2007 for Information and Communication Technologies (Lawrenceville Press)

Building on the skills acquired through Trajectory, students in the 8th grade make a more in-depth study in 21st century computer skills through a project-based, hands-on approach. The comprehensive text includes practices, reviews, and exercises of varying difficulty levels. Exercises are designed to broaden knowledge in core content areas while teaching global awareness and financial, economic, and business literacy. At Bethel Christian Academy, students focus on the basics on Microsoft Office as well as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


MicroType 4 (Southwestern)

This class teaches students to maximize keyboarding skills. A self-led program, the software combines successful teaching theory with video clips, 3-D graphics, animations, and games, increasing the enjoyment of learning. An animated character guides students through the lessons showing them how to type accurately. As today’s workforce has become increasingly reliant on technology, keyboarding is a required subject for graduates of Bethel Christian Academy.


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