English Language Arts

ELA students in grades 6-12 will read, discuss, and write about classical and contemporary world literature.  They will continue to explore language for expressive, critical, informational/explanatory, argumentative, and literary purposes.  Students will research material to use primarily in clarifying their own explanatory responses to situations and literary-based issues.  They will critically interpret and evaluate literature, language, ideas, and experiences.  Students will analyze and critically evaluate the philosophies, arguments, and points of view presented in literature according to Biblical principles and from a Biblical worldview.  These ELA courses will give eligible junior or senior students the option of  pursuing English courses offered through the community college for dual credit.


Math students at BCA will develop problem solving skills needed for a proper understanding of algebraic skills required for the successful completion of high school math courses.  After completing sixth grade math, students will take Fundamentals of Math or advance to Pre-Algebra based upon academic success, work ethic, and their standardized test scores.  After successfully completing Algebra I, whether in the eighth or ninth grade, students may then advance to Geometry, Algebra II or Consumer Math, and Accounting.  These math courses will give eligible junior or senior students the option of taking advanced math courses offered through the community college for dual credit.


Science is taught from a Biblical worldview of Creation using the Apologia Ministries and BJU Press curricula and hands on lab activities.  High school students may participate in the STEM elective.


History is taught from a Biblical worldview allowing students to see God’s hand at work from the past to the present.  BCA history courses broaden students’ knowledge and appreciation of United States and world history along with studies in government and economics.


Middle School and High School Choir
Choir students are taught that they were given their talents by God and are to be used for Him. A typical choir rehearsal includes warm-ups and practicing proper vocal technique. The choir works throughout the year on blend, articulation, dynamics, head voice, and, most importantly, diaphragmatic breathing. Choir members are required to be at every rehearsal as well as participate any time the choir performs (school concerts, competition, baccalaureate, chapel, etc.) 

Girls’ Physical Education Grades 6-9
The purpose of PE for girls in grades 6-9 is to physically educate, by combining cognitive thinking skills and physical movement. The subject, therefore, uses sporting activities to accomplish this goal. Students are required to dress out in a school uniform and required to participate. Students attempt to master skills, improve their ability to make and apply decisions, develop physical and mental capacity to succeed, and evaluate and improve performance.

Boys’ Physical Education Grades 6-9
This course for boys in grades 6-9 places emphasis on cardiovascular fitness through exercise including calisthenics, stretching, running and team sports. Students are required to dress out in a school uniform and required to participate. Team sports are introduced, but the major emphasis is on getting students moving toward good overall physical fitness.

High School Health
Students gain a deeper knowledge of the anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of the body that God has given them. It encourages students to reduce their risks and to reach for a higher level of health and fitness. Some of the practical skills they will acquire include understanding the nutrition labels on packaged foods, assessing their own physical fitness, CPR, and evaluating personal life choices with a Biblical worldview.

High School Drama
Students perform monologues, short stories, descriptions, duet acting scenes, and group acting scenes from published literature, focusing on proper stage acting technique (on-stage focus, vocal projection, diaphragmatic breathing, gestures, vocal and facial expression, etc.). Outside of classroom performances, drama students have opportunity to participate in the NCCSA Fine Arts Competition and at school concerts and programs.

Student Leadership iniative

High School students may apply to participate in the SLi program. The mission of SLi is to assist young people in the development of their leadership philosophy and skills by exposing them to a Biblically based, practical, multifaceted, yearlong program.  The students will hear from many community speakers throughout the school year.


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