The athletic program at Bethel Christian Academy exists for the purpose of developing physical, personal, and spiritual skills of the student-athlete that will have lifelong benefits. In providing opportunities for interscholastic competition, the athletic department seeks to support the overall mission of the school, and to promote the Biblical ideal that everything should be done to glorify God (I Corinthians 10:31)

In the context of athletic activity, the student is exposed to the following spiritual concepts which are profitable for each participant:

Obedience – Do what your coaches and others whom God has put in authority over you tell you to do with a good attitude. If you have a question, do not be afraid to ask for clarification.

Diligence – Use all your strength and ability to complete each part of your task, whether it be cleaning up, doing drills, conditioning, competing in a game, or any other activity.

Responsibility – Do everything that is expected of you, whether being directly supervised or not. Do not make the coach “baby sit” you.

Determination – Make up your mind to accomplish all of God’s goals in His time, regardless of the opposition.

Confidence – Remember, as you give totally all you have to Jesus, you become a winner in God’s sight.

Intensity – Give a “total release” performance at all times, focusing your attention on the job at hand, putting forth every effort to complete it perfectly.

Perseverance – Always do your best and try to win, as this is the object of competition. If you have done your best, there is nothing to regret.

Respect – Following the Golden Rule, learning to congratulate other teammates and opponents when appropriate. Loving others is the second greatest commandment.

Athletic Director

Ashley Stroud

NOTE:  No Pets allowed at any school function/activity.

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